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Kua Body is a venue designed to promote your personal health and well-being.


Welcome to Kua Body!

Kua Body, Inc. (“Koo-Ahh”) was founded by Upuia Ahkiong, a massage therapist in August 2014, and is designed to empower world-class massage therapists and bodyworkers to build their private practice in communities where they would not have otherwise; and equip them with the tools to be successful entrepreneurs both financially and professionally in these areas and around the world. We are about providing world-class service 100% of the time to every client. Each of our specialists is highly skilled in the wisdom of the human body and creates powerful ways to go deeply into the well of peak performance through the power of touch.

Kua Body is the first-ever massage incubator offering the highest quality care to clients with a business platform to support the massage entrepreneur to grow their own business in a modern, full-service, furnished and equipped facility in high-end areas.

Our Apprentice Program offers new massage graduates an opportunity to learn from world-class and experienced practitioners while gaining work experience at Kua Body. Candidates are screened, monitored and vetted before becoming a Team Member. For more information, please email KuaBody@gmail.com.

The word KUA was created while Upuia was attending massage school in 2002, it’s a combination of her first, middle, and last names. Coincidentally, in the Samoan language (Upuia is of Samoan-Chinese heritage) Kua (or Tua) is described as “the Backbone” or alternatively as strength, foundation, courage, determination, steadfastness and fortitude. Read more about the Founder of Kua Body.